Project Description

3 games in 1 pack includes:

Giant Dice (6)

Giant Dominoes(28)

Giant Tumbling Blocks(45)

Each game can be played separately OR you can combine the games together for Extreme Fun! Play Giant Dice with Giant Tumbling Blocks – roll the dice & select the corresponding numbered block from the giant tower. The die chooses what block you pick, adding an element of luck to this exciting game. Or, play Giant Dice with Giant Dominoes. Once your domino game is completed, roll 2 dice, match the tiles shown and remove those tiles from the game. Get the most tiles and win the game! Over 20+ possible games to play with this combo set.

The only thing limiting your fun is your imagination!

Game Includes:

45 Giant Tumbling Blocks

28 Giant Dominoes

6 Giant Dice

Rules and instructions


Giant Tumbling Blocks(45)